Saturday, May 25, 2019

Unknown Movies and TV Saturdays #3: The Fool and the Flying Ship

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first ever post for the Unknown Movies and TV Saturdays!  This is a brand feature at this blog and basically what this meme is all about is that you get to suggest one or more movies or TV shows that you think doesn't get a lot of attention in the public.  The goal of this meme is to give attention to the films and TV shows that are unknown to the public or are not as popular as the bigger franchises and encourage people to check this films and shows out!  Please feel free to link up your unknown movies or TV shows down below!

This week's unknown movie is:

This was apart of the even more obscure Rabbit Ears Productions series and it has always been my absolute favorite of mine!  Basically, this story is about a peasant boy who is known as the Fool of the world and everyone would make fun of him because of this.  One day, the Tsar of Russia made a proclamation that whosoever brings him a flying ship will marry his daughter, the princess.  The Fool then immediately goes to build a flying ship and along the way, he meets up with several strange men who each possess an ability.  When the Fool and his companions finally make it to the Tsar's palace, the Tsar finds out that they are peasants and he decided to give them impossible tasks to do before the Fool could marry his daughter.  I have always enjoyed this story and it's a shame that it's not that well known among the public, despite the fact that the late Robin Williams had narrated the story.  It's definitely one video you should check out!  

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