Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Recommend This Wednesday! #1: Top 5 Surreal Animated Movies You Should Check Out!

Hello everyone! This is Rabbit Ears Book Blog and I am hosting a new meme called “Recommend This Wednesday” where you recommend various books or other subjects to other fellow bloggers!

For this week, I will be recommending  top 5 surreal animated movies you should check out!


5. Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night

In this unusual sequel to the classic Italian fairy tale, Pinocchio starts to realize that being a real boy is much more difficult than he thought as he encounters several characters that try to turn him back into a puppet which includes the evil puppet master Puppetino and the Emperor of the Night!  This movie is a great and unusual sequel to the original fairy tale (if not a little repetitive of the story line of the original story).  With loads of surreal and horrific scenes, this movie will satisfy fans of "Pinocchio" and surreal movies in general!

4.  James and the Giant Peach 

Roald Dahl’s classic children’s story  comes to life as a young boy named James tries to go to New York City to escape from his horrible aunts while he travels with several unusual insects!  With stunning visuals, brilliant characters such as the Centipede and Miss Spider, and a creative and intense story line to go along with it, this movie is sure to make many Roald Dahl fans smile with anticipation!

3.  Corpse Bride 

One of Tim Burton’s most mesmerizing animated classics, this film set the bar for having an unusual premise about a corpse bride named Emily wanting to marry a living human being named Victor because of her mistakenly thinking that Victor wants to marry her when he accidentally put his wedding ring on Emily's decomposed finger! The relationship between Emily and Victor is the true highlight of this film and anyone who is a huge fan of Tim Burton's works will certainly enjoy it!

2.  Coraline

Neil Gaiman’s classic children’s book comes to life as a young girl named Coraline must escape the clutches of the Other Mother after she kidnaps Coraline's real parents and now Coraline must find a way to save her real parents before it's too late!  This movie is full of horror and magic as Coraline must decide if she wants to live in the real world where her parents ignore her or if she wants to live in the Other World where she can get anything she wants and it is definitely one film that Neil Gaiman fans should definitely check out!

1. The Nightmare Before Christmas 

Easily my most favorite Halloween and Christmas themed animated film, Tim Burton’s classic comes to life as Jack Skellington tries to take over Christmas in order to do something different for a change, only for his plans to end in tragedy!   With dazzling and frightening visuals and a highly creative story, this is the film that truly defines the magic of stop motion animation!

So, what are some surreal animated movies you like to recommend?  Answer in the comments below!

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