Hey everyone! There are a lot of awesome features on this site that you can check out during your spare time, so here they are!

* Here, we have discussions that not only deals with surreal movies and TV shows in general, but also with the subject of surrealism itself!  These will pop up occasionally on the blog.

* Every week, I will showcase a weird image that I found on the web.  It will range from artworks to advertising ads, as long as it's something weird!

* Every week, I will show off the upcoming surreal movies and TV shows that I will review on this blog in the near future.  This is also a good place to suggest any other weird TV shows and movies that you think I should check out!

* This is a list of all the movies, shorts and TV shows that I consider to be the weirdest among all the movies and TV shows I reviewed!  To check out what movies and TV shows made the list and why, check out the page HERE.

* This new feature is where I showcase some of the weirdest images I have ever seen in the movies and TV shows that I have watched over the years!  There are always images in movies and TV shows that stands out the most to viewers and I'm going to showcase some weird images that really stayed with me and showed me just how weird this movie or TV series can really get!

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