Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Surreal Discussions #2: Is Surrealism Popular?

Hey everyone! Welcome to another Surreal Discussions!

Today's Surreal Discussion is about: Is Surrealism Popular?

This is definitely a tough question to answer since it really depends on who I'm asking about this subject.  I could be talking to someone who enjoys surrealism and they could say that surrealism is still pretty popular these days or I could be talking to someone who believes that surrealism is too out there to be considered popular.

In my personal opinion, I think that surrealism does show up in everything, but it really depends on how much surrealism that person is willing to put into their works.  Like for example, if you look at movies done by David Lynch or Terry Gilliam, they are surreal for the most part.  Or if you look at films by Tim Burton, then his movies can be played straight with some surreal elements or can be totally surreal.

Surrealism does play a huge role in media in general, even though it can be used very differently depending on how much surrealism the person  wants to put into their works.  So, yeah Surrealism is popular in a way, depending on how you view Surrealism as a whole.

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