Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Surreal Discussions #1: Why I Like Surrealism so much?

Hey everyone! Welcome to my first ever Surreal Discussions where I talk about things that are surreal!  Now, I know that I haven't been as active on this blog as I was before and that was because I was busy trying to watch more surreal movies and posting my thoughts on these movies on this blog.

This week's surreal discussion is going to be on why do I like surrealism so much?

Well, I'll tell you all a little story about how I got into surrealism in the first place and my journey into eventually liking surrealism.  When I was little, I wasn't a huge fan of anything surreal due to the fact that I didn't understand the nature of surrealism and in all honesty, surrealism used to creep me out when I was small, so I didn't really have any attachment to the genre.

It wasn't until I watched the Rabbit Ears' version of "The Fool and the Flying Ship," with narration by Robin Williams that I slightly started to get into surrealism.  Well, at the time, I was probably more into Robin Williams' narration of the story rather than the artwork or the actual story itself.  However, when I got older, I started to really appreciate both the artwork and the story as well as Robin Williams' narration and I started to get into the surreal nature of the story also.

After loving this version of "The Fool and the Flying Ship," I started searching for more of Henrik Drescher's works and that was where I discovered the magic of surrealism and I had been hooked on this genre ever since!

What I loved about surrealism is that you can take any premise you want (such as making a movie about a talking bed) and make it interesting to the audience since the audience wouldn't be expecting something so original and bizarre to be made into a movie or a TV series.

That was why I decided to make a blog that is dedicated to surrealism because I want to chat with other bloggers who also have a great love for surrealism and see what their opinions on certain movies and TV shows are like and we could compare and contrast what we saw in the movies.  So, if you are also a fan of surreal movies and TV shows, then please let the world know about your love for surrealism!

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