Borderline Weird List!

Hey everyone! Welcome to the "Borderline Weird" list!  Here, I list the movies and TV shows that were nearly close to making the main "Weirdness Approved" list, but had some qualities in the story and set up that prevented them from making the list.  Consider this a "runner up" or "honorable mentions" list!  I will keep uploading new movies and TV shows on this list, while explaining about why these movies and TV shows nearly made the list.  Of course, that doesn't mean that these movies and TV shows are terrible.

The list is in no particular order:

1.  The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Why It Almost Made the List:  I actually considered adding this movie to the "Weirdness Approved" list since this movie did have a lot of weird visuals and moments, such as Jack Skellington being able to travel freely to other worlds through trees.  However, because the story line is pretty straightforward for the most part and this movie wouldn't seem so out of place in a fantasy film, it didn't quite make the list.  However, since this movie had many bizarre images, I do consider this to be on the borderline list!

2.  Coraline (2009)

Why It Almost Made the List:  Just like "The Nightmare Before Christmas" (which was also done by the same director), the movie has many bizarre images and has Coraline travel to different worlds through a closet.  However, I have seen many movies, especially "Alice in Wonderland" try this story line, so it didn't quite made the "Weirdness Approved" list.  However, the bizarre imagery of the Other mother and the other inhabitants of the other world definitely ranked this movie on the "Borderline Weird" list!

3.  Return to Oz (1985)

Why It Almost Made the List:  "The Wizard of Oz" franchise has always had some bizarre characters and moments and "Return to Oz" definitely had its fair share of bizarre images and moments, such as Princess Mombi constantly switching her head and the Gump creature being made out of a moose head with a sofa for a body.  However, this movie seems more like a straight up fantasy film rather than something bizarre, so it didn't make the "Weirdness Approved" list.  However, the appearances of the Gump, the Wheelers, the Gnome King and the ambiguous ending made this film appear on the borderline list!

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