Weirdest Movies Blogathon!

Hey everyone!  So, I noticed that there are a lot of movie blogathons going on in the movie blogging sphere and I wanted to try my hand at the blogathon business!  So, this blogathon is focused on listing the weirdest movies you have ever seen and since this blog is dedicated to weird movies in general, I wanted to make a blogathon that deals with weird movies!

My List ~ 2021

2021 Participants

My List ~ 2023

2023 Participants


1)  List up to 5 or 10 of the weirdest movies that you have ever seen.  If you want to list over 10 movies or below 5 movies, then you are free to do so.

2)  You don't necessarily have to list your favorite movies or movies you even like.  Just movies that you think are weird.

3)  Use the banner at the top of this page (the purple one with Beetlejuice on it) in put into your post.

4)  This blogathon runs from March 11th - April 18th, so you need to send your submissions in by April 18th.  After that, I will make a special post where I will list all the bloggers who had participated in this blogathon!

5)  If you are interested in joining this blogathon, then please feel free to leave your link to your post here or tweet me (@rabbitearsblog)

6)  If you are participating in this blogathon through Twitter or you want to let your followers know about this blogathon, then please use the hashtag #weirdestmoviesblogathon so that way, I will know who's participating in this blogathon.


Please feel free to participate if you are interested and please spread the word so everyone can participate!



  1. This sounds cool--count me in, please!

    1. Cool! Just let me know when you do the post so I can add it to the list of participants for this year!

  2. Not sure if the movies I pick will be weird to others, but count me in! Cool idea for a blogathon!

  3. Thanks for hosting this blogathon! Here's my entry:

  4. Here is my post:

  5. Hi there, just published my entry for 2023,

  6. Hi Ronyell, my list is up!