Monday, May 4, 2020

Surreal Discussions #6: Do you watch every movie released (or try to watch every movie until your brain fries)?

Hey everyone! Welcome to another Surreal Discussions!

Today's Surreal Discussions is about: Do you watch every movie released or do you only watch certain movies?

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WHEW!  Wow, it's been awhile since I last did a surreal discussion with you guys, hasn't it?  Well, to celebrate the return of "Surreal Discussions," I'll start this off by discussing about whether or not you watch every single movie that was ever released!

Now, us movie fans have that dream where we want to watch EVERY SINGLE movie that was ever released and give out our thoughts on the movies that we've seen. But unfortunately, life gets in the way and our wishes don't come true when we have to miss out on a release of a new movie (I should know. I've struggled for YEARS in trying to go to a movie theater just to watch a movie).

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But, there are other reasons why we don't watch every single movie that's ever released.  It's probably because that particular movie might have content that you don't agree with or you just don't like and therefore, you avoid that movie like the plague.  Like for instance, I might never watch "Jojo Rabbit" because it deals with Nazism and that's a topic that I'm really uncomfortable with, despite the good reviews surrounding the film.  And I rarely watch movies that have graphic sex scenes and nudity because that's also something that makes me uncomfortable.

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Another reason is that you just don't have the time to watch every single movie because something gets in your way of watching said film (like school, work, partying with your friends, you get the idea).  So, by the time that you actually finished your other activities that don't involve watching movies, you would probably lose interest in watching said movie.

Now, is it bad that you don't watch every single movie ever released?


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Sometimes, not watching every single movie ever made would save you the trouble of having to waste your time watching a movie that was actually terrible or made you feel dead inside.  

So, overall there's nothing wrong with not being able to watch every single movie.  While you may have missed out on some great films, you also managed to avoid the movies that are actually terrible and actually save yourself from wasting some precious times of your life in watching that movie.

So, what do you think?

Do you watch every single movie ever released or do you just choose what movies you want to watch?

Let me know in the comments down below!




  1. I only watch what interests me or what gets nominated for a bunch of Oscars. Really the Oscars or my fellow Bloggers are sometimes the only "outside forces" that help be determine what I want to watch. I couldn't imagine seeing EVERY new release, though that would be something.

    1. Same here! If my fellow movie bloggers recommended that I check out said film, I'm more inclined to do so!