Thursday, April 22, 2021

Weirdest Movie Blogathon - My List!


Hey everyone!  I just recently created a new blogathon called "Weirdest Movies Blogathon" where you get to list the weirdest movies you have ever seen!  If you want to know the rules of this blogathon, then click HERE.

So, here's my 5 weirdest movies that I have ever seen (so far):

1)  Beetlejuice ~  MY REVIEW

I always loved this movie and this is seriously one of the weirdest horror comedies that I have ever seen!  Giant sandworms, travelling between the world of the living and dead?  Being possessed to dance to the "Banana Boat Song?"  All of that weirdness in this movie!

2)  James and the Giant Peach ~ MY REVIEW

The fact that this movie is about a young boy going on an adventure with giant bugs and travels on a giant peach makes this one of the oddest fantasy films that I have ever seen!

3. Mirrormask ~ MY REVIEW

Another bizarre fantasy film that has some of the strangest creatures that I have ever seen on film, especially those sphinx cats!

4. Sorry to Bother You

This is probably one of my most favorite movies in recent years that's actually weird!  So many weird moments throughout this film such as flying office appliances, a girlfriend whose ear rings constantly change and a shocking and weird twist in the plot!

5.  Monkeybone ~ MY REVIEW

Not my favorite movie, but you have to admit that the visuals in this movie are downright bizarre and awesome to look at!




  1. I've only seen your first and last picks, though I've heard of James and the Giant Peach.

    I've always though of Beetlejuice as more wacky than weird and it has that amazing cast who make it all work far better than it should.

    Monkeybone however I will grant you is one weird viewing experience. Brendan Fraser is certainly game for anything in it.

    1. I agree that what made Beetlejuice work so well was that the cast was fantastic!

  2. There are so many weird movies out there it's tough to get down to 5 but these were the strangest ones that came to mind.

    “Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mamma’s Hung You in the Closet and I’m Feelin’ So Sad” (1967)-Madame Rosepettle (Rosalind Russell) arrives at a Caribbean resort for a vacation with quite a menagerie, her 24 year old son (Robert Morse) who acts like a 5 year old, his stamp collection and telescope, a pair of Venus Flytraps, her tank of pet piranhas and her dead husband (Jonathan Winters-who serves as narrator) who she’s had stuffed and travels with them in his coffin that she keeps in the closet. While they are there the hotel’s babysitter Rosalie (Barbara Harris) falls for the infantile young man while Madame is pursued by a crazy ship captain, Commodore Roseabove. It’s theatre of the absurd and the kind of whack-a-doodle thing that could only be produced in the 60’s.

    “Can Heironymus Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness?” (1969)-Superstar Heironymus Merkin (Anthony Newley) is filming a movie of his life surrounded by piles of junk and a bed on a ribbon of beach as his mother and children bear witness. While the Greek chorus of devil’s advocate Goodtime Eddie Filth (Milton Berle) and The Presence (Georgie Jessel) battle for his soul Merkin works his way to the top of show biz becoming a drug loving sex addict along the way. Yet he longs for his lost true love, Mercy Humppe (Connie Kreski) despite his marriage to Polyester Poontang (Joan Collins-Newley’s wife at the time, their real-life children play their kids in the film-Thaxted and Thumbelina!). Watching the uncompleted footage in a parallel time the producers of this opus scream for him to come up with an ending. Merkin shuffles through his memories to find some value in his life while singing a couple songs and screwing like a rabbit. Newley directed, produced, wrote & composed the music (all badly) for this exercise in vanity which was originally rated X.

    “The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies!!?” (1964)-I really can’t better this IMDB description: "Jerry falls in love with a stripper he meets at a carnival. Little does he know that she is the sister of a gypsy fortune teller whose predictions he had scoffed at earlier. The gypsy turns him into a zombie, and he goes on a killing spree."

    Or the tagline:
    SEE: the dancing girls of the carnival murdered by the incredible night creatures of the midway! SEE: the hunchback of the midway fight a duel of death with the mixed-up zombies! SEE: the world's first monster musical!

    Skidoo (1968)-Crime boss “God” (Groucho Marx) forces retired mobster Tony Banks (Jackie Gleason) to perform a hit on an incarcerated prisoner by kidnapping Tony’s daughter and holding her on his yacht. But the plan goes awry when Tony unknowingly drops acid and goes on a mind-blowing trip. Things go downhill from there! What begins as a silly but not dreadful generation gap comedy devolves into an incoherent mess capped by the horrifying sight of Carol Channing, playing Gleason’s wife Flo Banks in long platinum wig, admiral's hat and red-hot pants singing the title tune. Just when you think it cannot get any worse Frankie Avalon sings the credits! ALL OF THEM! It's as ghastly as it sounds and yet hilarious at the same time.

    Liquid Sky (1982)- An alien creature invades New York's punk subculture in its search for an opiate released by the brain during orgasm. It doesn’t sound any weirder than many sci-fi flicks but believe me, it is a strange pile of often incomprehensible events leading up to a complete head scratcher of a finish!

    1. Oooh! I heard about Liquid Sky! I really need to watch that movie soon!