Weirdness Approved List!

Hey everyone! Here, I list the weirdest movies and TV shows to ever come on the face of the planet!  I will keep uploading new movies and TV shows on this list while I review them and I will also explain the reasons for why each movie or TV show is on this list.  I have also decided to make a list of the 400 movies that will make this list!

Basically, the requirements to get on this list are as follows:

1. Must have bizarre imagery in the film, whether it be the characters themselves or the world they live in.

2. The narrative must have a twisted feel to the tone such as blurring the lines between reality and fantasy or having certain situations appear out of nowhere.  That doesn't necessarily mean that the narrative can't be straightforward.  The narrative can be straightforward as long as there is a distorted feel to the story.

3. This is just a list of movies and TV shows that I personally find to be completely weird.  Which means that not all of the movies and TV shows on this list are necessarily good to watch.  To find out how I personally feel about each movie and TV show, click on the links that will lead to my reviews of these movies and TV shows.

The list is in no particular order:


1. Beetlejuice (1988)

Weirdest Moments:  Planet Saturn; Underworld Hallway; Banana Boat Song Possession; Sandworm

Why It Made the List:   "Beetlejuice" has the honor of making it on this list due to a number of factors.  First off, you have the world of the living and the dead seemingly colliding with each other with no explanation, causing this film to have a somewhat dreamlike feel  to the whole experience.  Secondly, there's the bizarre climatic battle between Beetlejuice, the Maitlands and the Deetz Family as everything that was bizarre in this film seem to collide together (the Sandworm somehow crashing into the house and Adam Maitland driving a small toy car that came from his miniature homemade doll house towards Beetlejuice).  All of these elements come together to create one bizarre dark comedy that had remained to be one of the most iconic Halloween films of all time!

2. Crashbox (1999)

Weirdest Moments: Eddie Bull; Distraction News;  Mechanical Game Room

Why It Made the List:  "Crashbox" is one of those TV shows that you have to wonder what was exactly going on in the creators' heads when they came up with the idea to have a show that educates children and yet blows their minds with its surreal imagery and wacky game segments.  This show is probably the pure definition of surrealism as the game segments are crazy and bizarre and the information that the children have to learn from this show will easily go over their heads with its mind numbing games.

Weirdest Moments: Runner finding the Equator; Flying Ship; Puffer pulling land apart with his bare hands; Monkey riding Rhinoceros

Why It Made the List:  It's funny how a folktale like "The Fool and the Flying Ship" manages to make this list, due to the fact that most folktales do have a high fantasy element to their stories.  In the case of "The Fool and the Flying Ship," you do have some bizarre moments happen in the original Russian folktale such as a man having sticks that turn into an army of soldiers and another man who's bags of straw is able to make a room freeze up.  But, the Rabbit Ears' version of this ancient Russian folktale turns it up to eleven with the bizarre character designs and some changes from the original folktale that makes this version even weirder than the original folktale (which includes the Runner in this story trying to retrieve the equator from the other side of the world and a strong man who is able to pull the land apart to get some penguins from the North Pole).

Weirdest Moments: Mechanical Shark; Cloud Rhino; Nightmare Sequence involving being turned into a caterpillar; Giant Peach

Why It Made the List:  Many of Roald Dahl's children's books are pretty weird by normal standards, but the movie version of "James and the Giant Peach" has out beaten the original novel in terms of weirdness by several factors.  For one thing, the plot's somewhat very loose narrative about a boy's journey to New York City is told in a dreamlike quality, especially the part about James actually traveling to New York City with giant bugs!  Also, there were several trippy animations going on throughout this movie with the most well-known being the nightmare sequence that James has of his aunts chasing him down with pesticide while his body transforms into that of a caterpillar.

5. MirrorMask (2005)

Weirdest Moments:  Masked People; Spinx Cats; Mirror World

Why It Made the List:  You would think that any fantasy film written by Neil Gaiman would automatically be bizarre, but "Mirrormask" manages to take this one step further. With the mirror world looking like it came out of a drawing that would blow your mind to shreds, "MirrorMask" has various surreal characters such as Sphinx cats and characters who constantly wear masks, that definitely give this movie its weird vibe and highly overactive imagination that anyone would love to have!

6. Monkeybone (2001)

Weirdest Moments:  Downtown; Nightmare Painting; Undead Chris Kattan

Why It Made the List:  Another film directed by Henry Selick, "Monkeybone" managed to twist the audience's expectations with not only having another world where your cartoon creations reside in, but also balancing that thin line between life and death by having Downtown become like a "limbo" for anyone who falls into a coma.  The bizarre imagery and world setting is enough to put "Monkeybone" on the "Weirdness Approved List!"

7.  Quasi at the Quackadero (1976)

Weirdest Moments: The Quackadero; Psychedelic Designs; People popping out of other people's bodies

Why It Made the List:  This is seriously one of the most surreal animated shorts I have ever seen!  The bizarre imagery that pops up constantly during the Quackadero scenes is the main attraction of this short as we see many bizarre situations going on, such as seeing strange creatures pop out of people's clothes with no warning and seeing many psychedelic patterns pop up in certain scenes.  Definitely a bizarre animated classic worthy of being on this list!

8.  The Snails (Les Escargots) (1966)

Weirdest Moments:  Giant Snails; Tears that make a Garden grow; Giant Snails turning into houses

Why It Made the List:  Another bizarre animated short that I happened to stumble upon!  The fact that the short involves an old farmer making his garden grow by using his tears, snails growing to the size of houses after eating said vegetables and a bizarre ending that will leave you scratching your head for a long time has definitely made this short earn a spot on this list!

9.  The Thief and the Cobbler (Miramax Version) (1993)

Weirdest Moments:  Escher Painting Hallway Chase Scene; Multi-colored characters; One-Eye's complex weaponry

Why It Made the List:  This almost didn't make the list since the story seems a bit straightforward (save the kingdom from an opposing army), but this movie ended up making it because of the bizarre character designs and the many hectic action scenes that makes this movie go beyond belief, such as the famous chase scene between the Thief and the Cobbler that was inspired by the Escher paintings and the thief oddly surviving all the dangerous weaponry that One-Eye's army has!

10.  Hen, His Wife (1990)

Weirdest Moments:  Human Worm pet; Nightmare Sequence involving lots of Toothpaste; Black Mask Man; Humanoid Hen Wife

Why It Made the List:  This is easily one of the weirdest animated shorts I have ever come across!  The fact that the couple has a half worm, half human hybrid of a pet, a friend of the husband who comes and goes like an evil spirit, a nightmare sequence that involves the husband drowning in toothpaste and a twist ending that turns everything that you thought you knew about the story on its head, makes this short worthy to be on this list!

11. The Triangle (Kolmnurk) (1982)

Weirdest Moments:  Eduard, the mouse sized man; photo shop eyes and mouths on characters' faces; transforming food

Why It Made the List:  Another very bizarre animated short!  The fact that food is used as a sexual metaphor here, along with a mouse sized man named Eduard coming in between Viktor and Julia and pasting real life eyes and mouths on animated characters definitely makes this short earn a spot on this list!

Weirdest Moments:  Slow Bob's Two Headed Sisters; photoshopped people; living scissors that attack photoshopped people; lizards transporting people to different dimensions

Why It Made the List:  This is probably Henry Selick's weirdest project to date as it features many bizarre things such as lizards having the ability to transport people to different dimensions, as well as Slow Bob having to save a town full of photoshopped people from an army of living scissors.  This bizarre little short definitely earns a spot here!

Weirdest Moments:  Artwork coming to life; the malfunctioning machine; the bizarre and ambiguous ending.

Why It Made the List:  Even though Will Vinton has created lots of unique projects over the years like the California Raisins and "The Adventures of Mark Twain," none of his other works has been as bizarre as this particular short!  The artwork randomly coming to life, as well as the bizarre and ambiguous ending made this one of the weirdest shorts ever created by Will Vinton!

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