Monday, July 1, 2019

Weird Images from Weird Movies and TV #7: The Triangle (Kolmnurk)

Hello everyone!  Welcome to "Weird Images from Weird Movies and TV!"  Here, I showcase some of the weirdest images I have ever seen in the movies and TV shows that I have watched over the years!  There are always images in movies and TV shows that stands out the most to viewers and I'm going to showcase some weird images that really stayed with me and showed me just how weird this movie or TV series can really get!

This week's movie is:

"The Triangle" was another bizarre Soviet animated short that I just so happened to stumbled upon and it was one that was just full of bizarre imagery, while being so intriguing at the same time!  So, here are some bizarre imagery from "The Triangle!"

Here's Julia and Viktor along with Eduard staring out the window after it got cracked.  This may be the least weird of the images here.

And here's the mouse sized Eduard standing near Julia's foot.  Seeing a mouse sized man suddenly come out of Julia and Viktor's stove is one of the oddest things I had seen in this short!


Basically any image that deals with a real life photo being plastered on the animated characters are the weirdest images that are ever seen in this short.  Here are a couple more examples down below.

Look really hard at Julia's face here. She does have real life mouth and eyes photos plastered on her face.

Also, look really hard at Viktor's mouth here. It's also a real life mouth plastered on his face.