Sunday, July 14, 2019

Weird Images from Weird Movies and TV #8: The Fool and the Flying Ship

Hello everyone!  Welcome to "Weird Images from Weird Movies and TV!"  Here, I showcase some of the weirdest images I have ever seen in the movies and TV shows that I have watched over the years!  There are always images in movies and TV shows that stands out the most to viewers and I'm going to showcase some weird images that really stayed with me and showed me just how weird this movie or TV series can really get!

This week's TV Show is:

"The Fool and the Flying Ship" is absolutely my all-time favorite Rabbit Ears Productions story and is seriously the weirdest among all the stories!  There are a lot of bizarre images in this story and I would love to show them!

This is the Fool meeting up with the hearer in his strange flying ship!

And here's the fool meeting up with the old man that helped him with the Flying Ship. The weird thing about this image is that the old man literally has rabbit shaped eyebrows!

And here's the image of the puffer tearing the land apart to get to the penguins!

And here's the fool with the runner, who has horns in his head!


It was tough trying to choose the weirdest image for this story since there are so many of them. But I would have to say that the appearance of the Eater himself with his green body and his head that is cleaved in two was the weirdest in the entire story!

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