Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Weird Images from Weird Movies and TV #2: Beetlejuice

Hello everyone!  Welcome to "Weird Images from Weird Movies and TV!"  Here, I showcase some of the weirdest images I have ever seen in the movies and TV shows that I have watched over the years!  There are always images in movies and TV shows that stands out the most to viewers and I'm going to showcase some weird images that really stayed with me and showed me just how weird this movie or TV series can really get!

This week's movie is:

"Beetlejuice" is one of my all time favorite movies directed by Tim Burton and it has some of the weirdest images that I have ever seen from any Tim Burton film!  So, here are some bizarre images from "Beetlejuice" that really stayed with me for many years!

The bizarre world of Saturn!

And of course, Saturn's terrifying resident, the Sandworm!

Delia's weird sculptures!

Of course, this is from my most favorite scene in the movie, the Banana Boat Song scene.  But just look at how strange the Maitlands' house is after the Deetzes "remodeled" it!

Just look at how bizarre this graveyard scene is!

Even though this doubles as being scary, Adam and Barbara's face transformations also have a nice touch of weirdness in appearances.

You know, there's something strange and scary about seeing a human like head on the body of a snake and the Beetlejuice snake scene definitely captured that weirdness and freakishness.


And of course, I had to save the weirdest image for last and that's the famous hallway scene!  This is probably the weirdest hallway I would have ever seen in any movie!