Thursday, May 14, 2020

Surreal Monthly - April 2020

Hello everyone!  Welcome to "Surreal Monthly" where I go over everything that has happened on the blog for each month!  So, here's what's been happening in March!

*Not much has really happened in April, although I did managed to watch a lot of movies this month!  I mostly watched a lot of suspense thriller type films where "the main protagonist is being stalked by a crazy person and they have to take down said crazy person to survive." You know, the usual.  Anyway, I did have some reviews and discussions posts planned for this month, but life got in the way and I have to postponed them to next month.  Man, this virus pandemic is really getting to me.  I hope it settles down soon.*

Movies and TV Shows I Reviewed this month:

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Activities on the Blog:

2. [Thursday Movie Picks]  Thursday Movie Picks #33: Numbers in Title

TV and Movie News that Happened this Month:

*Since the movie theaters have closed down for the month, I'll just list some movies that were released in April on the streaming services.*

Updates on Reviews 2.0:

* I'm currently in the process of redoing my "Reviews 2.0" videos since I wanted to add in some clips from the movies and TV shows that I've watched and actually make the videos more interesting.  So, here are some of the updated reviews I did this month!*

5. Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) - Actually my first ever APRIL FOOLS video!  I just had to make an APRIL FOOLS video for this year!

Movies and TV Shows I've Watched this Month:

* .When I saw Samuel L. Jackson's name in this movie, I just had to check this movie out!  Man, just how many movies is Samuel L. Jackson in anyway?  He's like in every movie ever made!  Anyway, I thought that this film was pretty interesting with the "Gladiator" in the future angle, even if it's just mostly an action flick with no substance whatsoever.

* So yet again, I was browsing through Netflix and I found a couple of stalker films to binge on.  I just so happened to stumble upon this one and it was a bit...interesting.  I mean, the plot is the usual "person is stalking the protagonist because the protagonist accidentally did something wrong to that person."  Although in this case, the protagonist, who is a writer, was giving out self help advice in her books and it turned out that her advice actually ended up ruining a person's life.  So yeah, the usual plot.  I swear after watching this movie, I probably wouldn't write books that deal with helping people with their life problems, because I would be so bad at it!

* Yep, this is yet another "love makes a stalker out of you" type of films that I've recently watched.  Although, this one is a bit interesting since said stalker is actually pretty quiet and deadly with his attacks on anyone who gets in the way of his "obsessive love" for the protagonist.

* Well, I had to get a horror movie in here and this one was...okay.  I mean, I must have watched over a thousand horror movies with an ax crazy killer trying to kill a family.  So, this one wasn't any different.

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  1. Thanks so much for the link! :)

  2. Looks like you watched a lot of interesting movies in April! It's fun to see what we can find on Netflix! Thanks for the link!