Saturday, May 27, 2023

The Sunday Watch (10): CHILLY BREEZY WEEK


The Sunday Watch is a meme for bloggers in general where you talk about what movies and TV shows you have watched for the week.  This is like a weekly wrap up post where you discuss about your week with other bloggers, with discussions about movies, TV shows and shorts being the main attractions of these posts.  The goal of this meme is to discuss the various movies and TV shows that bloggers have watched with other bloggers and discuss our opinions on each movie and TV show being talked about.  If you haven't watched any movies or TV shows for the week, but you still want to participate in this meme, then you can talk about other things that don't deal with movies and TV shows, like video games, books or whatever personal thing happened in your life.  This meme is hosted every Sunday, but you can make these posts anytime of the week and also, if you participate in this meme, please link your Sunday Watch post in the links down below!


Hey everyone!  Sorry I missed last week's Sunday Watch.  But, I had a few things to do last week.  On Thursday, I went back out to Wal-Mart for the first time in months and I'm so happy that I went back shopping in Wal-Mart since the situation with COVID just threw everything out of whack.  Hopefully, I can do some more shopping in stores in the near future!


* I'm so happy to watch a technology thriller film and "Missing" was such an intriguing and intense movie about the main character trying to find her mother, as well as learning more secrets about her mother.


* I bought this movie recently and I just watched it and I loved it!  I never thought that "M3GAN" would be such an intense and exciting movie about dealing with grief that was handled pretty well!



Monster Folk Art by JulieFitzGeraldArt

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Well, that's the Sunday Watch for today and I will have more news for the various movies and TV shows that I've seen in the near future!

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