Sunday, November 2, 2014

[TV SHOW REVIEW] Crashbox (1999)


Title: Crashbox

Starring: Carlos Alazraqui

Genre: Comedy / Educational / Animation / Children’s 

Company: Cuppa Coffee Animation

Year: 1999

MPAA Rating / TV Rating: TV-Y7

Buy on:  N / A

"Crashbox" is an animated TV series that helps children be able to learn about various school subjects such as reading, history, math and science through several wacky games.  The games included in this show are "Eddie Bull" where the main character is eaten by a zoo animal and you have to guess what animal has eaten Eddie, "Distraction News" where you have to listen to what kind of information the news anchorwoman is saying while trying not to be distracted by the bizarre imagery randomly popping up, "Psycho Math" where a crazy looking math teacher gives you some math problems to solve and "The Revolting Slob" where the narrator gives you several words to define while we are looking at the Revolting Slob doing disgusting things.

Now, I will admit that when I first saw this TV show, I was more than a little weirded out by how bizarre the premise was (especially with the weird looking characters and everything).  But after I started looking at a few more episodes and actually starting to participate in the wacky mind games, I found myself actually enjoying this show a lot, especially with the weird imagery and the creative way that they present the games.  This TV series is definitely a brilliant way to teach children about various school subjects without feeling bored and I definitely found myself learning so much about history and math through this TV series alone.  Some of my favorite skits from this series are "Eddie Bull," "Distraction News" and "Psycho Math" since they are all done in an extremely creative way and they really show the true meaning of being bizarre with their presentations!

The only problem with this show is that it might be too difficult and bizarre for some small children, especially with how some of the information and the math problems might be aimed at children at least seven years and older.  Parents who are watching this show with their children might want to help their children understand the problems that this show is trying to teach children to solve.

Overall, "Crashbox" is definitely one show that you should check out and if you want to find an educational show that really teaches children about history, math and vocabulary while doing it in a creative and bizarre way, then this is definitely the show to watch!

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